Woolworths buys hardware.com.au for $33,000

Woolworths (supermarket)

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Here comes the bla bla :

The domain name market in Australia is heating up as SEO competition becomes even more fierce and the number of innovative URLs being created dwindles, one expert says, following a move by Woolworths to buy hardware.com.au for over $33,000.

David Lye, who heads up domain name registrar Netfleet, says the purchase comes just a few days after CurrencyCoverter.com.au was sold for over $27,500. He says businesses are searching more than ever for established domains to help them rank well in Google.

“The market is pretty hot at the moment. So you have Woolworths buying the hardware domain name, which is a record for an expired domain, and then the new domain selling for that amount, it suggests the market is travelling well.”

Entire story here : http://www.smartcompany.com.au/internet/20101217-woolworths-buys-hardware-com-au-for-33-000-as-domain-market-heats-up.html

My opinion… This is 33k down the drain . They could have registered the same domain name for 100 usd in a different ccTLD. And it would rank in google just as well.

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