Setting up the WHOIS for your domain names.

Providing an incorrect WHOIS can lead to having your domain name revoked and incase of domain theft you are going to have a hard time proving that you are the owner.
The WHOIS contains 4 roles for a domain name.
Registrant : The domain owner (can agree/reject a transfer FOA)
Admin : The administrative contact. (can agree/reject a transfer FOA)
Tech: Technical contact.
Billing: The one who pays the bills.

As a domainer i am the contact for all of the 4 mentioned roles. Since i operate solo it is i who has tobe contacted  and not someone else.
The info you provide is key to the safety of your domain. What do we see in the wild ? Example time.
Often i see a whois where the domainer also provides company information, creative thoughtup names like “Mega domain name seller” or “Domain name Junky Inc”.
Brilliant company names i am sure. However if you provide such data and the company does not exsist then the owner of the domain is the creative thought up company name. No harm done till your domain name gets stolen.. How do you plan to prove that you are the owner of the domain ? The answer is you are not going to. You do not have the papers nor the documents, you got nothing !
So check your WHOIS data for spelling errors also. Since the name on your passport does not contain a typo but the WHOIS can contain one !
Multiple email addresses.
Make sure the email address in the whois is not tied to your email address that is being used for the account you have with your Registrar. Use a different one.
Infact why not use 2 different email addresses for the registrant contant and the admin contact.
If someone manages to hack your admin email account and starts a transfer and uses the admin FOA email to agree to the transfer then atleast you can over rule the admin FOA when you reject the registrant FOA. You have to reject within 5 days or else the transfer will start automatically.

For those who own a domain name and run a website take the following in consideration.
Alot of hosting companies have the annoying tendency to apply themselfs to all 4 roles when you register a domain name thru them.
This is a big no no. Since you are not the owner of the domain.
Your hosting company should have (IMO) the following roles.
Tech contact and be the billing contact. Afterall your hosting company is doing the technical part for your domain name and website hosting. And they are also the billing contact since you pay them and they the pay Registrar in question. And the Registrar pays the Registry.

WHOIS privacy. There are several solutions out there that offer WHOIS Privacy Protect.  In my expierence this is a waste of money.
1 It is not handy as already mentioned above to have someone else being the registrant of your domain name.
2 When there is an issue like a spam complaint or UDRP the companies who offer privacy protect will drop the protect in a heartbeat and reveal all the info. So ask yourself how good will this service help you ?

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