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They moved their domain name to .PH (Philippines). Personally i would have gone for .CH Smilie: ;)


A fine example why you shouldn’t invest in ccTLD’s where dictators or other loonies are in charge.

http://www.video.me/ViewVideo.aspx?vid=621 here we see Bob Parson almost shooting another elephant. Note how the elephant does notice that Bob is about to shoot and backs down. Who said elephants where dumb ? Bob doesn’t count.

.XXX i did a lil more work on .XXX at work today. Setup all the contracts for. This was not a Registrar-Registry contract. But was a contract that allows the use of promotional .XXX content. Not that we are going to use it but that was the first step to become a .XXX Registrar according to ICM. Timelines are still not set and are subject to change. And zero information about EPP, transfers, trades, nameservers and all the other good stuff you actually want to know while setting it up. I guess in the next few days we will learn more on how this Registry is going to deal with bussines.

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