Verisign Seeks Authority to Shutdown Domain Names Without Court Order

New registry service seeks to eliminate sites knowingly spreading malware.

VeriSign is asking ICANN to approve a new Verisign Anti-Abuse Domain Use Policy.

Verisign taking down domain names

The policy (pdf) would allow VeriSign to run malware scanning of .com, .net, and .name domain names, as well as create a suspension system for domain names that knowingly host malware.

The malware scanning would occur quarterly. Domain name registrars would be able to opt out of the malware scans.

The policy would also enable a take-down “to avoid any liability, civil or criminal”, which seems to be just begging for VeriSign to be named spuriously in commercial lawsuits between .com registrants.

The RSEP also suggests that VeriSign plans to extend its hand of friendship to law enforcement agencies from outside the US.

If a subdomain that hosts a company blog gets hacked and is serving malware, VeriSign could shut down the entire domain name, affecting not only the blog subdomain but all other subdomains, without a court order.

Like shoot first ask questions later.

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