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Wipo trademark checker
Got a great idea ? Check first if you are not going to run into future trouble.

WHOIS Checker for .ES/dot ES domain names.

DK Hostmaster WHOIS
WHOIS Checker for .DK/dot DK domain names.

WHOIS Checker for gTLD’s like .com etc etc

Domain Tools
The uber whois checker. Shows domain history, hosting stats. Registrar drops. Nameserver info (very usefull).

Way back machine
See old content on expired domains (just an example).

Web hosting
This is what i use for web hosting just for the fact that i can add tons of domain names in their nameservers so i can manage all my domains from one interface. This allows me to install wordpress for a new domain in a few minutes and add content super fast.

Web master tools.
I use it for development and to check on domain names.

Whois proxy batch tool. Checks up to 20 TLD’s at once. Result do not get stored so no worries about your domain name being registered by some greedy Registrar. This tool was developed in house by me and Ghan_04 from

Domain Name Sequence Generator (DNSG) I love this tool when i am hunting down 2 letter or 3 letter domain names. It creates word/letter lists on the fly and you can even add the extension you want.

Use the domain name sequence generator to create sequences of numbers or letters and add an optional domain extension to the end for use with a wide range of domain tools. For example you could create a list of every combination of three letter domains by entering ‘aaa’ and ‘zzz’.

You can also add domain extensions to a list that you have already produced by pasting it below. Paste the list into the below textarea and input your domain extension and the list will be created.


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