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How will it all play out when the new gTLD’s are being released ?

Though the US Goverment is currently putting heat on ICANN and trying to block the proposal for new gTLD’s.

Let’s have a look on the current setup that been in place for the last 10 years or so.

ICANN > Registry (Verisign for example)>Registrar (godaddy/enom)>Reseller/domainer>End user.

We could consider the reseller/domainer as an enduser also. But beside that this is the chain as it is now. The registry allows the registrars to register the domain names for their resellers or end users. Top down.

Now we gonna pretend it is 2012 and overtime we had like 200 new gTLD’s introduced (ICANN says it can support 1000 a year). And today 12-12-2012 a new gTLD is being introduced called DOT NEW. All the registrars are already burned out on the previous 200. And that is exactly why ICANN allows Registries to act like a Registrar.

In this example DOT NEW can start selling straight away to the end user and bypassing the current Registrars and Resellers.

Registry>End User.

Now it looks like the Registrars are compleltly screwed in this setup. But it is not a big thing provided these Registrars been in the game for some time and have a enough resellers as their customers.

Those resellers will feed the current Registrars with new gTLD’s demands. If DOT NEW is intresting enough for such a Registrar it can apply to become a DOT NEW Registrar and demand wholesale prices. The Registry and Registrar and Resellers will make cash with DOT NEW.

This is not new. This is the case for most Registrars for years now. Namely ccTLD’s there are tons of them. As soon .NL became intresting enough to sell Godaddy became an SIDN member. Same goes for Enom when it became a DENIC mitglied. Etc etc etc. They only became a Registrar since there was a demand for it.

And this willbe the same case for the new gTLD’s And the biggest winner in this game is ICANN, getting 18 dollar cent for each registered domain (plus the renewal). So yeah ICANN willbe the big winner Smilie: ;)

Cept they first need to solve that pesky .XXX issue along with some other issues Smilie: ;)

And this concludes today’s ramble.

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