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just Park !

Pretty bold claim right ? Domain parking is totally dead but i found the next best thing that actually works. A total domain name development tool that cuts down costs and beats down conventional domain parking hands down.

Commercial Micro Portals. Have fun reading the review. I wrote the review myself. Any spelling errors is due to the speed of writing it Smilie: ;) If you have any questions about CMP post them in the forum after the jump. Or click here : Domain parking is dead. Long live the Commerial Mirco Portals! A new way of domain parking.


ccTLD sales are up also : ccTLD Domain Sales: Aug. 22 – Aug. 28, 2011



Also some ICANN news : ICANN: Phase II of Public Comments Process Enhancements.

And some Verisign news : Internet Adds More Than Five Million Domain Names in Second Quarter


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