The Future of Domain Names in 2011

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Keep in mind this is an analyst prediction. And when i read companies will go for DOT CO i stopped reading.. ..

Analysts are predicting that the world is making the shift toward a reliance on the Internet for personal and business endeavors. As this shift occurs, individuals and companies will fight an aggressive battle to obtain and control domain names.

In the past, companies would pay top dollar for phone numbers and e-mail addresses which “spelled out” their company name. In the Internet age, corporate America will pay dearly to acquire and maintain control over domain names, as Internet usage increases.
For now, .com entities will remain the most popular with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Some areas of business will pioneer names to refer to Internet versions of traditional businesses. For example, in the real estate industry…which domain name will win out… ‘Online Real Estate,’ ‘Internet Real Estate,’ Virtual Real Estate’? One of these domain names, or one yet unknown, will become victorious and define the Internet Real Estate market.
As it becomes more difficult to secure a .com, businesses will flow over into using .co in their domain names. Only the biggest, most financially, solvent companies will be able to afford to purchase .com names from savvy techno geeks who have positioned themselves in advance of the shift toward the internet by purchasing the domain names of blue chip companies.
As the world continues to be a dangerous place in which to live, cocooning will continue, driving more persons to set up personal domain names, e-mail accounts, and Facebook accounts. These internet versions of communication will allow people to feel connected, but from a safe, “arms length distance”.
Finally, some analysts are predicting that trading digital assets will become the new global currency. Digital assets are textual content, images, or multi-media and the rights to use them. As the dollar and other traditional currency lose value, it is possible that trading digital currency will become a popular option. insane ?

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