The case of the catch all email address.

So nowdays we are very concerned about our online privacy. And we all know that what you post on the internet stays on the internet. Or that it is a very bad idea to toss your old pc or laptop into the trash. And most of us know that when you format a harddrive the data on it can stillbe simply retrieved.

But what about expired domain names ? Frankly i had no idea up till today. What i did was extremly simple (kiss) i added an email  catch all to the DNS template and had it redirect to a large email box.  The results 15 hours later un ******* real ! Sure enuff tons of spam but also many many personal/company related emails.  One domain i picked up like 3 month ago still gets a boatload of spam. I seen work charts. Requests to announce that the new bus stop for the kids is now under the small bridge instead of the old Oak in the middle of the town. And it goes on and on and on.

So make sure your domain names do not expire. And next time when your about to send some sensitive information to someone who you have not emailed recently make sure he or she is still the registrant of the domain name.

Have a great day.

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