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So why did LG register E Plus Glass related domain names ?

Raise you’re hand if you know ! eplusglass.info eplusglass.net xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e1a587bz45a.com xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e1a587bz45a.info xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e1a587bz45a.net xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e9uz.com xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e9uz.info xn--bj0bx3ptj097aca105e9uz.net xn--z-in-jk5pi96bhns.com (IDN domain names , converts to : 이플러스글라스 , translates to e plus glass. xn--z-in-jk5pi96bhns.info xn--z-in-jk5pi96bhns.net xn--z-in-jk5pi96bmwah97dca924jzn0b.com xn--z-in-jk5pi96bmwah97dca924jzn0b.info xn--z-in-jk5pi96bmwah97dca924jzn0b.net z-ineplusglass.com z-ineplusglass.info z-ineplusglass.net z-inglass.com z-inglass.info z-inglass.net … Continue reading

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