Some domain related news.

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Google’s ex CEO compares the US/UK’s domain blocking with China’s internet censorship. I actually think he is right there.

Some judge in Colorado has some serious issues with Righthaven. Bout time someone stepped out and put a halt on these jokers.

Sony managed to host a phishing site on their own servers. For those of you who develop domains with Sitebuilder. Keep in mind that program is highly insecure and full of holes. This has nothing todo with the Sony story.. Least i hope for Sony that they don’t build their websites in Sitebuilder.

The phone detective. Does a reverse lookup on cell phone numbers. Might be handy in your next domain sale Smilie: ;)

Google is testing a new format for their search engine. (lil tweaks) Actually it is about adwords.

Check out currently in beta. Doesn’t look like a bad tool at all. Actually i like the name spinner Smilie: :)

And for something totally not domain related check out Duke Nudem. Better make sure your boss doesn’t catch you with your pants down…

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  1. I like domainhole too! Try the domain alerts. It’s simple and you don’t get out much right away. But when you add enough domains it’s really helpful to know when their status changes through email. Expired Search is good too..

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