Small update.

Bad Domain Name, Worse Marketing Idea

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I split up the the domain for sale section into ccTLD (NL), gTLD and ccTLD misc. Also i cleaned it up a lil so it is easier to read and to navigate. Sales questions can ofcourse also be send to

I changed all the Google adsense code on all the websites. And it really shows what is rolling and what is not. What is not rolling i might aswell park at Sedo and see if can some more exposure there for end users. It also gives me indepth stats for what is converting or not. If a website only gets 100 visits a day but results in 1 click then it is time to focus on that website.

Talking about Google. They send a me a gift coupon of 75 Euro’s for adwords to my home address. Pretty neat. Came with a flyer and a plastic creditcard with the special activation code. I let it target . I choose that one since i use that domain to actually sell stuff and i reffer that website to end users instead of this one. Plus it also has zero traffic so i can easilly monitor what kinda traffic lands there. I doubt the 75 Euro’s will put a dent into traffic but hey it’s free so it is cool experiment.

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