Sex Sells

First of all i do not like .XXX as mentioned before.

But everytime there was a rumor that .XXX would get approved i would have clients to ask me to secure their .XXX

And everytime my answer was : nothing is happening .. the eagle has not landed yet.

And still there are some kinks to be worked out at the moment but i get the feeling this TLD will have a stellar lift off. I done all the paperwork for .XXX last week and i setup the pre registrations. Amazing all in all. If compare this to .CO i had like 3 clients to secure a few .CO’s . Wich was nothing in my eyes and i simply ignored .CO.

But .XXX different ballgame here.  I actually pushed the thing away but i can no longer ignore it. To many end users here who wanna get in. Regardless of the cost. 60 USD wholesale price a markup and we talking 80 USD here easilly. And they do not care..Course we talking sunrise period where companies want to secure it and forward it to their .com or ccTLD they use.  I guess it is fear that they see their company being registered with .XXX by someone else.

We talking huge numbers here. And it will only go more crazy.  Not sure how it will pan out for selling .XXX since we are talking sunrise here. But the way i look at it . Sunrise prolly will will obliterate .CO registration wise. And let’s face it .CO was a gimmick…Sex Sells…Always has always will .. Even if it open the gates for internet regulation…. *sigh*


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