Screwed, Blued & tattooed.

So i bought a few of those PR2-5 domains. So far they all lost their page rank faster then you can sing “Screwed, blued and tattooed”. So we got screwed there so to speak. I already had a feeling that it was to good tobe true to begin with. But the price of a few dot net domains are not going to hurt my wallet. Lucky for me i did not get to greedy and try the experiment with a dot ORG or dot INFO. The registration fee is alot higher plus you register them for 2 years instead of 1 year.

The experiment is not a total disaster so far. 1 domain still kept it’s pagerank and that happens tobe a page rank 5 domain. Course it is just a matter of time till the page rank gets screwed and resets to zero.

For the rest things keep on going. 3 of my domain names rack in a total of 10k vistors a month now (no not this blog sadly enuff). Still it did not convert to any sales yet with the affiliate programs i signed up for. So that still requires more work i guess.

Picked up XGA.IN last sunday. Alot of 3 letter dot IN domains dropped but most of them did not make much sense to me. Least this one stands for something. Put a lil site behind it see if gets some traffic.

Oh, Screwed, blued & tattooed ? Yeah nothing todo with domaining. Song happend to play on my mediacenter while i was going to write about PR domains. Sounded like a perfect fit. Checkout the vid below and crank up the volume !

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