Registered . Translation rough work. A name that can be used for multiple purposes in my opinion. Construction, Mike Rowe with his dirtiest jobs springs to mind. There is a ton of possibilities.

Right now i have it linked to a sales place holder. This allows me to capture all email being send to the domain. If there is still coming email from the domain name then it tells me more about the previous owner. And depending on the emails that are coming in it might result in a quick sale when the auto reply informs all senders that the email address is no longer valid. Sometimes this scrambles previous domain owners into the highest gear to get the domain name back.

It also allows me to capture traffic and map all incoming links and see if there is some backlinks. So i am gonna monitor it for sometime and then i develop it and move to the next domain name.

For something completly different. The whois bulk tool project i mentioned earlier this week is almost finished ! So far it is working great and does exactly what i want. I think i will show it to the rest of the world next week or this weekend.


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