Republican Party registers CareerDestroyer. com domain names.

The domains registered in question are :

a privacy protect handle is currently in place but i am sure the registrant is the Republican Party.
Beside the website website is super clear Smilie: ;)

English: Barack Obama Speaks to College Democrats

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Welcome to, where the rhetoric of President Obama and Washington Democrats meets the reality of a struggling economy.

In a recent online townhall, President Obama “appeared surprised” when the wife of an unemployed engineer told Obama about the difficulty her husband had in finding a new job. Obama asked the woman for her husband’s resume so he could find out “what is happening.”

With, you too can submit your resume to be sent to President Obama and Washington Democrats. After all, with 1.7 million jobs lost since they took complete control of Washington, who knows more about destroying jobs than Democrats in Washington?

Submit your resume above. The more resumes submitted, the more likely Democrats will finally get “what’s happening” – their policies have destroyed careers across this country

Well that message is loud and clear i guess. The domain name was registered before and then got dropped after a 12 month parking session at Godaddy.

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