Registries to waive autorenew few for Japanese Registrants.

OTSUCHI, JAPAN - MARCH 14:  In this handout im...

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IN/MOBI/ME/ME/INFO registries are waiving the autorenew for Japanese registrants.

Japanese registrants got it a lil easier after all the misery they expierenced.

Tho the registries cannot do this themselfs the Registrars can and are called upon to help out. There several rules to this but all in all i find it a good gesture from Afilias. Let’s see if any other registries will do the same.

They actually should consider doing this for companies in the middle east. I know several companies who have a brutal hard time sending money over thru a wire transfer. Lotta banks decline the payments and do not push it thru. This could result in domain name loss.  But again a nice gesture for the people in Japan.


March 11 - 31 names:  For names that had expiration dates in the March
11, 2011 through March 31, 2011 period, the registry will void / repost
the renewal fee to effect a zero net cost to the registrar.  The void
repost operation will be conducted after the 45 day auto-renew grace
period has expired -- expect it to be reflected in your account some
time in late May.

April 1 - 30  names:  For names that have expiration dates in the April
1, 2011 through April 30, 2011 period, the registry will waive the auto
renew fee at the point of sale.  This will begin April 1 and run through
April 30.




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  1. […] We seen this in the past where a disaster would struck a country and Registries all over the world would helpout the registrants. The most recent example was in march earlier this year where  registries where waiving the autorenew for Japanese registrants due to the massive earthquake.  You can read the original article here. […]

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