portal page installed

Got the portal page installed on http://cctld.dk/index.php

Now it is time to fiddle around with the themes and such. Shame that you need to upload the files thru FTP first and then you are able to turn on the new theme.

This weekend i bought a new laptop. And it is just unreal how much junk software you need to remove when you buy an HP laptop.

A really great tool to remove all the junk is http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/ But even then it took a full hour before all the junk was removed and now the laptop is lightning fast. And no matter how fast your machine or how fast the harddrives are. As soon there is tons of junk on it then it becomes slow as hell. Also downloading/installing these updates took a few hours also. And just when you thought you where done a new batch popped up and needed tobe installed also.

Have a great day !


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