ODDNS: Decentralized and Open DNS To Defeat Censorship

For a final integrate of years contention around censorship of websites in a West has turn as inclusive as a that around already determined blockades in countries such as China and Iran. While nosiness with a Internet’s DNS is a arms of choice for censors, a new P2P complement called ODDNS hopes to put control behind in a hands of a people.

The Internet’s Domain Name System, that translates human-readable URLs into IP addresses so that web users can some-more simply find Internet sites, has turn a conflict belligerent for censorship during a final integrate of years.


ODDNs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From staying roughly exclusively in a recognition of mechanism engineers and nerds, new attempts by several copyright holders to bury sites such as The Pirate Bay and deliver even some-more extended powers with a introduction of a SOPA legislation in a US, a existence and mechanisms of a Internet’s DNS have now damaged by into a mainstream.

In a response to flourishing attempts during censorship, several choice DNS systems have been due with an importance on those that can’t be meddled with by a authorities. The latest, called ODDNS, comes out of France.

As a name suggests, ODDNS (Open and Decentralized DNS) is an open and decentralized DNS complement using on a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model. It’s creator, web developer Jimmy Rudolf, told PCinpact he invented a complement with dual specific aims in mind.

The first, and of many seductiveness to people fighting censorship, is to “show governments that it is not probable to forestall people from talking.”

The second, of seductiveness to anyone who owns and say their possess domain names, is to take behind control of them. “I find it absurd to have to frequently compensate for a domain name,” Rudolf explained.

ODDNS is an focus that allows everybody using a program to share information about domain names with any other, a bit like how a P2P network functions. ODDNS can addition or even reinstate unchanging DNS.


Because domain names and associated IP addresses are common among peers in a network, they can no longer be censored. Furthermore, shopping a domain name from a registrar is no longer compulsory given people using ODDNS can emanate and say their own.

Still underneath development, as approaching a source formula to ODDNS is protected underneath GNU GPLv3. PCinpact reports that a stream ODDNS website will be updated subsequent week and a initial beta recover of a program will follow shortly after.

Of march a success of a plan will lay on a developers’ ability to overcome a technical hurdles and, crucially, if they can inspire adequate people to come on house and stay on board. The enterprise to hang with this kind of complement will be driven by need so some-more censorship will turn this and identical projects’ lifeblood.

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