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Tomorrow nov 24 2010 NIC ES will introduce their new webinterface for .ES domain registrants.

Not sure if all the changes are going to make it but NIC ES will try to deploy them tomorrow.

The option to change the admin contact to the registrant contact. This might sound minor to you but with a spanish domain name the admin contact has sorta all the power over the domain name. An unwanted side effect since most hosting companies use their info for a contact info .  No problem when you have .com for .ES it is a nightmare.

Also introduced the option to change the email address for the registrant thru the webinterface.

New, transfer of ownership without the fax procedure. This will only work for Registrars who will implement this feature. It works like this (more or less). In your reseller account with your domain registrar you can setup a trade for the domain. This willbe send thru EPP to the NIC ES. The new owner willbe notified by NIC ES to login to their new created account. Here you can upload your papers like a passport of papers from the chamber of commerce.  This is all works for Spanish residents.. How it will work for the rest of the world ? No solution yet.

Some extra info/update :

– Update of e-mail address:

The process of updating the mail will be instantaneous if the system detects that the DNIe or the certificate match the provided contact. Otherwise, it will create an application that must contain the necessary credentials (NIF image scanning or identification document) so it can manually be approved.

– Cancellation and Extrajudicial Resolution Procedure:

We have “digitized” all procedures eliminating the needs for Mailboxes (from now on applications should be made and managed by the tool.)

We have attached a complete manual of this release, so you can see in detail what is included in the version, and a list of recognized certificates.

As a preliminary step to the roll out in the production environment of this new version of the tool (scheduled for October and which will inform you accordingly), we recall the importance of your tests, not only to validate that integrates seamlessly with your system but also able to test first hand the adjustments included.

If you detect any abnormal behavior, or you have any questions, please put them to our knowledge, following the usual channel.

Likewise, please inform us, if the implementation of this new release implies any updates in your systems and involves new developments on your part.

Also new bugs … We dunno what will break this time.. But something will prolly Smilie: ;)

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