Name server check

Name server pre delegation check.

One of the annoying things about dealing with ccTLD’s is that certain countries have a name server check in place prior to registering the domain name.  And in some cases a poorly configured name server maybe reason for deletion of the domain name.

Let’s start with a popular ccTLD : DotDE

Denic preforms a name server check and if you want to make sure your name servers are up to par to the Denic guidelines peform this check :

Afnic for dotFR also preforms a check :

The same goes for DotIT, i could not find a check so one of the above might do the trick. Atleast make sure that the domain name you want to register is listed in the name server prior to registering the .IT domain name.

DK Hostmaster even goes a lil further. You need to fill in an application. It is not that hard but more annoying.

The online application is located here :

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