Monte Cahn Sues

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Seems Monthe has been screwed rather hard and is going to get some revenge. Full story at DNW including the PDF with the complaint that has some rather intresting reading.

My thoughts about this ? Well there are always 2 sides to a story and we will hear alot more about this.

My observations : Moniker is currently being led by some untrained monkey’s that slowly but surely are running the company into the ground. This has been a long ongoing process.

And this is yet another scandal where Oversee is involved.

The shill bidding scandal. Bloody amazing how this went they got away with it.

Another noteable one is the Chef Patrick incident. Though this one looks/sounds like some cooking soap where you could have a good laugh the underlying problem is huge and shows how these guys are just scheming and abusing their power. I am not reffering to Chef Patrick but more to the fact how Oversee reacted to this..

And the list goes on with these guys. I was planning to goto Domain Fest in Barcelona but i am just gonna skip it. Further more incidents like these just sorta prove to me to stay clear from these gatherings all together and just follow the course i set with my domain names. My vision/path might not be the wisest but when i read about Oversee and their tactics i know for sure to stay clear from this company. I observed how they do bussines and it is aggresive with no respect.

So MY conclusion and this is not something that happend overnight is to never do business with these guys no matter what. Even if Monte Cahn has no rights and his claims are unfounded the fact remains there is always something with these Oversee guys. Again and again these guys just show no respect and screw people over and that is an ongoing process with Oversee.

Uncle Rick is asking the question:

Well i would imagine hehas some more info on Oversee. The way they operate is no secret anyways. It’s just a matter of : do you want todo business with such people ? I think you can guess my answer. And did Monte get screwed royally from behind … Well it is a wise thing to get everything in writing for sure when you deal with Oversee.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering why this post is “tagged” Frank Schilling?

    It does not seem to have anything to do with him?


    Maybe I am missing something….


  2. Hi Dan,

    Your right, Frank has nothing todo with this, so we can turn off the conspiracy mode Smilie: ;) I use the zemanta plugin for tagging posts and now and then it does some weird tagging.

    Thanks for pointing it out. I removed that tag together with the tag Barcelona. I do not see the reason why it tagged Barcelona, cept maybe for the fact that Zemanta might saw a connection between Oversee and DomainFest in Barcelona.

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