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So i decided to make a few mini sites for a few domain names. The goal : Have them indexed in google and see if i can make a lil more revenue. And most importanted to give people the feel of a website and not just some landing page. a pure copy and paste site.  The site deals about team building and have a fun day or evening. Extremly dull to make but team building is a thing that never goes away in any company. Sure enough you see that a company stopped working on team building and then usually with a new HR manager the team building starts again. Personally i hate team building. But this is a good domain name that fits like a glove and there are many companies that organize such dreaded events. rejection. A dutch single word domain name. I don’t have a real purpose for this domain name myself. There are ofcourse tons of possibilities with the domain name. Oranges. That’s what it means. And fruit is healty and tasty and making a site for it was easy enough. There mightbe a TM issue here but on the otherhand the domain name was registered in 1999 if i am correct and the company where i fear the trademark from never bothered to get it. Sure enough it was never developed up till now. It’s a generic term and we will just have to see how it pans out. If i get hit with a UDRP i am sure as hell gonna fight it. Blunt Axe. Also is used as an expression, describing a method on how to handle a situation. Also it’s the name of a famous award here. If you get that award as a company then you getting some bad press.

I bought this domain last week and i had it listed on a landing page where it displays my email address where it states to contact me. Some person left a comment on the landing page with the question how much i was asking. I decided not answer the comment and not to email this person. I decided to make a small website. If by any chance the braincells of this person start working again and he emails me then i know he is really intrested. And i am not gonna post prices in comments. And if he doesn’t mail then he was not really eager to get it also.


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