It’s the audience stupid !


So here is the case. I got 2 domains that sorta perform the same when it comes to pageviews and visitors etc etc. The big difference, one is making zero cash and the other is doing like 2-3 dollars a day. And it has been driving me nuts. Whatever i was using it was not working. And i tried about everything to no avail.

The one that does not make any cash deals mainly about a tv show and comics related to the tv show. So i tried google adsense, audience target adverts etc etc. The other one deals about guns. And it’s growing daily in numbers and clicks. So last night i was talking to a friend of mine. Actually it was more of a long rant till my friend Foogar said :”maybe it is not the adverts but the audience”. That got me thinking, perhaps it is not the adverts at all but indeed the audience.

The audience from the 2 sites is very different and i got a feeling that the younger audience simply is blind to adverts. I am gonna fiddle with it some more cause some how i cannot just accept it does not generate any cash.

And now for something completly different. The domains that i managed to snap up today :   A first name  Another first name     blunt axe wich means little dot……   ….

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