How to the change the owner of a .ES domain name.

Normally this is a no brainer when it comes to most ccTLD’s or gTLD’s. Just trade a domain to a new registrant contact and your done. Not with DOT ES however. In the past you had to download a fax, fill in the blanks and fax it to the Registry.

I guess someone at REDES thought it was to much a of a burden for the employee’s at REDES so they developed a new procedure that no longer requires you to send faxes to REDES.

Sounds good so far. Till you read my guide on how to trade a .ES domain name. Located right here .

You have been warned and at the moment this is prolly the easiest way i can explain how to perform a dot ES domain trade. If you have any suggestions or tricks to make this easier then notify me by sending an email to .

This new procedure is the reason that i no longer sell or buy .ES domain names. Just way to much work.

Enjoy (sarcasm enabled) the guide.

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