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I do not often register a domain name on impulse. But today i did. I was listening to the radio and they where announcing that soon they would spend a whole on the radio about energy alternative. And they would go into all these new forms of energy more indepth and with more discussion with “energy experts”.  I believe in electric cars and i believe in other alternatives to supply us with energy. Solar, wind even heard an idea about solar panels in space and then beam down the energy with an electro magnetic field.. And they would announce this about every hour during the commercials and everytime there was this soundbyte singing about high energy.

That sounded like a catch name. I threw it into the whois proxy and every TLD was taken except dotIN. If there is something else that has a future then it is India with 1.2 billion people…

So currently HighEnergy.IN is collecting data and catching email. The domain was registered before. From what i gathered till now there is zero traffic and zero email coming in. So i think thursday i will kick it off the DNS template redirect and setup a mini site and make it viable for renewal time. A buyer will come for sure, no doubt about that Smilie: :)

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