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Halfords.com is mostly unavailable today thanks to “a temporary administrative issue in our domain name renewal process”.

Visitors to the site this morning – including a vast number of Register readers – were met with a holding page for Network Solutions and an invitation to renew the domain. In the meantime the page contains links to various alternative car-related sites.

Halfords said it the process was now complete and it expected the site to be available soon. It apologised to customers for any inconvenience.

Just unreal that high profile domain names enter redemption. But it happens alot. And lets not touch the subject how many companies have their domain names scattered over dozens of registrars. Just choose a registrar that offers the gTLD’s and the ccTLD’s that you need and have them in one account. Some of them offer a prepaid/deposit system with several warning systems. Ofcourse when you never check your email and do not receive the notifications, well then yeah.. I know from first hand that those people exsist and some of them run a webhosting company.

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