Google Puts Parked Domain Names In Crosshairs

Google targets both copied sites and domain name parking services in continued bid to purify adult Internet “Cesspool”; pushes to brand strange content.

(Los Angeles, CA) A new Google “Inside Search” proclamation laid out additional changes Google will occupy to purify adult Internet search, a charge that seems to usually never finish for a Mountain View-based web company. Just final month, Google again announced a poignant change to their algorithm that targeted a mutation of information on a web with this latest refurbish signaling no stalemate in a volume of changes to be seen in a entrance months.

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No some-more parking !

The blog states “Today we’re edition another list of hunt improvements, commencement a monthly array where we’ll be pity even some-more sum about a algorithm and underline enhancements we make on a near-daily basis”. The post goes on to fact that a new “parked domain” classifier will be used to brand domain names that are not in use, though live, parked and generally exist usually to offer ads to visitors formulating clicks and increase for their owners though really small advantage for users.

So this puts an finish to a domain name parking as we know it. Not certain what is going to occur to a domain name parking companies though i am blissful i do not possess one for sure.

On a otherhand everybody could see this one entrance years ago when google stepped adult and motionless to purify adult their hunt formula and beside who wants to revisit parked pages anyways. Back in 2008 i got super angry when i attempted to find somethign and i went thru dozens of sedo landers with no content.

As a domainer i contend this sucks and i need to find a new approach to monetise my domain names. That is going tobe a PITA for sure. What’s also bugging me is, where is this going to stop ? What’s a subsequent aim ? Mini sites ? Is resolution ? Or wish a guys from commerical micro portals change into another rigging ? Or go for a resolution like and usually make certain no Google adverts are being displayed duration ?

Right now i am meditative of building mini sites again (SIGH).

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