.FR soon available for the rest of Europe.

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Let’s start with the good news today.

On January, 13, the French National Assembly adopted a bill to define the new legal framework for extensions corresponding to the national territory on first reading. The draft will soon be handed over to the Senate. A decision
is expected in the coming weeks.

We assume that as of July 1, 2011 at the latest the .FR name space will be opened also for individuals and
companies outside France but within the European Union. Thus, it will be possible for these customers to
register .FR domains without a trustee.

The new law also reinforces key principles for the players in the domain name market such as the “first come,
first served” principle, or the accountability of applicants for domain names in relation to the rights of third parties.

Bout time ! For to long there has been to many restrictions for registering a dot FR. The current regulations and rules are in complete violation of the EU. This whole yadda yadda with siret numbers and postal code checks and birthdates was really not of this cool.

I personally find .FR an intresting ccTLD. But all the restrictions allways put me off plus i do not have an address in France and using a trustee service was not my thing. What if the trustee service goes out of bussines ? So i am pretty sure that the ammount of registrations will go up combined with the fact that Afnic is switching completly to EPP later this year. Viva la France !

  • Domain Names 101 (marketersdaily.com) The author of this article thinks .CA stands for California. Cheers to Canada !

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