Few domain name registrations by Coca Cola , Symantec, Starbucks and a few more.

Been pretty dead domain registration wise this last week, or i just been too busy to pay


Sign “ Coca-Cola ” in the mountains of the Hig...

So what we got ? Symantec/Norton got themselfs nortonzone411.com. I guess Norton 365 was for home users and i guess Norton 411 is targetted at businesses.  Strange enough they didn’t register norton411.com. Ohwell Smilie: ;)

What else do we got ? Coca Cola is into happiness mode. And they got themselfs the following non resolving domain names.

  • coca-colaopenhappiness.net
  • cocacolaopenhappiness.org
  • open-happiness.com
  • open-happiness.net
  • open-happiness.org
  • openhappyness.info
  • openhappyness.net
  • openhappyness.org

Sony pictures got themselfs the following domain names that actually did not strike me as being very intresting.

  • ajourneyofathousandmiles-movie.com
  • ajourneyofathousandmiles-movie.net
  • ajourneyofathousandmiles.net
  • ajourneyofathousandmilesmovie.com
  • athousandmilejourney.net
  • journeyofathousandmiles-movie.com
  • journeyofathousandmiles-movie.net
  • journeyofathousandmiles.net
  • journeyofathousandmilesmovie.com
  • lang-langmovie.com
  • langlang-movie.com
  • langlang-movie.net
  • langlangmovie.com

Airbus is  looking at corperate jet centres it seems and decided they get some domain names to boot.

  • acj-center.com
  • acj-centre.com
  • airbus-corporate-jet-center.com
  • airbus-corporate-jet-centre.com
  • airbuscorporatejetcenter.com

And Starbucks made the move to India.

Starbucks — the iconic American coffee house brand that helped make the beverage ‘cool’ worldwide, spurring imitators but also critics — will soon set up shops across India in association with the Tata Group. The joint venture will set up around 50 stores during this calendar year with the first one likely to open in the second half of the year.

And Starbucks made sure they got the domain names, wich is a wise move. Some of the domain names like starbuckstata.com is not registered but tatastarbucks.com is. Weird strat for sure.

  • starbuckstata.org
  • starbuckstatalimited.org
  • starbuckstataltd.org
  • tatastarbucks.org
  • tatastarbuckslimited.org
  • tatastarbucksltd.org



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