Eurid domain transfers.

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Eurid is currently conducting a survey regarding their domain transfer proces.

As mentioned last year DNS BE wants to implement a token based transfer approach sorta like what Verisign is doing.

Seems Eurid is heading the same route as DNS BE but prolly with a few alterations depending on the outcome of the survey. Though it is nice that Eurid manually checks domain trades before executing them it is not a system that is known for being speedy. On the otherhand it is very secure and it is almost impossible to steal a DOT EU.

Normally when you start a transfer for dot EU the owner has to agree to an email that Eurid sends. Alot of hosting companies that transfer domain names have the tendency to put the domain name on their own name during a transfer (aka trade). Most people have no clue that it is happening but with dot EU or dot BE they will notice. So in the end dot EU transfer might go faster but the registrant has to pay more attention to what is happening to his or her domain name.  Or they might end up like the chap with his domain name Smilie: ;)

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2 Responses to Eurid domain transfers.

    David Palmer says:

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with the “On the otherhand it is very secure and it is almost impossible to steal a DOT EU” comment.

    I own and manage aroound 500 domains, most of them are locked at my registrar and they an AUTH code is required to “kick off” a request by email of a transfer. If the domain is locked the email is never sent. So for a .COM domain we have the following process:

    1. A domain must be unlocked (they are locked by default)
    2. An AUTH code must be provided to the receiving registrar
    3. The receiving registrar looks up the lock status and only makes the request if unlocked
    4. If unlocked the receiving registrar sends an email on file at the losing registrar requesting authorisation to transfer the domain.
    5. To Authorise the transfer the user sent the email must log into the panel of the losing registrar and IP address is recorded.

    Any attempt to change the email address at the losing registrar results in an email to the email on file to warn of this.

    Now all the EURID people do send an email with a link that asks you to say Yes or No.

    I have started to receive a number of fake transfer requests for my .EU domains coming out of Eastern Europe. The registrars deny all knowledge of initiating the transfer and EURID say that they have it listed a “transfer awaiting”. They do not seem to be taking the matter seriously at all.

    I think it is high time that EURID tightened up their security with an AUTH code and domain locking facility, but of course we know that being told to do something is reason enough for them not to do it.

    If you own any .EU domains, beware, I am sure that this kind of scam will become much more widespread.

    PS. What a stupid site, press the back button to re-enter capcha and it deletes your message.

    • Thank you for the feedback and scam headsup David.

      I will look into the capatcha issue.

      Regarding Eurid. Strange that we differ on opinion here. The ammount of fax requests are driving me nuts sometimes. Even when a trade is plain obvious, yet another fax request where both the seller and buyer have to sign it and fax it. This delay’s transfers and trades alot.

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