Ecommerce sites risk losing holiday business network outages.

Denial of Service Attack

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Always intresting to see Verisign possibly launch a frightful offer to take down domain names and in another essay warns people about domain name downtime due to network issues Smilie: ;)

Availability of online e-commerce sites could be during risk — even for a largest e-tailers — due to Domain Name System (DNS) opening issues. Considering that a bustling holiday selling deteriorate is only around a corner, any unavailability during this vicious time can be harmful for businesses, according to a new investigate consecrated by VeriSign, Inc.(NASDAQ: VRSN), a provider of Internet infrastructure services for a networked world.

The latest Verisign State of DNS Availability Report found that in a second entertain of 2011, even a tip e-commerce sites suffered a kind of DNS failures that erode income and bluster patron loyalty. The news also spotlights a widespread need for solutions that safeguard DNS accessibility — a essential requirement for a arguable operation of websites, network services, and online communications.

Research Highlights:

Using exclusive technology, ThousandEyes, a association that provides focus opening analytics, distributed a minimum, maximum, and normal DNS accessibility of a Alexa 1,000 websites during a second entertain of 2011 to illustrate a state of tellurian DNS availability.

The investigate found that smallest DNS accessibility averaged 95.05 percent for United States (U.S.) sites that horde their possess DNS, while U.S. sites regulating third-party managed DNS services averaged a smallest DNS accessibility of 97.35 percent.

This 2.3 percent disproportion in smallest accessibility equates to approximately 40 some-more mins of downtime daily for sites with internally managed DNS.

Other pivotal commentary include:

1. U.S. websites with self-managed DNS knowledge roughly 40 mins some-more downtime daily, on average, than third-party managed sites.

2. Global smallest DNS accessibility averaged 95.30 percent for sites that horde their possess DNS, while sites regulating third-party managed DNS services averaged a smallest DNS accessibility rate of 97.14 percent.

3. Sites with internally managed DNS have a aloft inclination to knowledge nearby to sum outages, while sites with third-party DNS government did not knowledge sum outages.

4. Businesses that rest on their online participation for vicious operations, such as e-commerce, need to deposit in delegate DNS government services — quite if their primary DNS government plan is inner — to act as a failsafe to offer trade to their websites in a eventuality that a primary DNS government apparatus becomes unavailable.

In further to a DNS accessibility research, Verisign examined a own DDoS Protection Service customer information and found that e-commerce business are confronting longer than normal Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The news records that given Jan. 1, 2011, DDoS attacks mitigated by Verisign for a e-commerce business lasted 40 percent longer than a DDoS attacks it mitigated for all other patron verticals combined.

“Maintaining a world-class DNS infrastructure is a formidable endeavour that requires huge scale and expertise,” pronounced Ben Petro, comparison clamp boss of Verisign’s Network Intelligence and Availability Group.

“As this latest investigate shows, self-managed DNS formula in significantly reduce accessibility that can cut into a company’s bottom line. With a horde of other rival issues confronting retailers today, there’s no reason that website accessibility should be one of them when they can rest on Verisign’s apartment of network comprehension and accessibility services to keep their sites adult and running.”


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