Domaining it’s a hobby.

Atleast for me it is. And i find it a fun hobby. Some go fishing, some do sports. I do domaining. And i find it fun to see the income stream getting bigger and bigger each month.  Still i need to deploy a ton more sites but i am getting there. Today i made the following sites. translation : Yolt.. Yeah that simple. I took a chinese theme since i could not find a egg theme or a yellow theme that i liked. I mean i could find tons of yellow themes but all looked like they been designed by people who made their first attempt of creating a WP theme. forklift training. Not sure how it is in the States but around here you need to have a license if you operate one. Not sure how this one is gonna do. Been sitting around for half a year now maybe even longer and today i thought i do something with it. I like the WP theme for this one all in all. a last name that is used here alot. I did make a site…. but damn i could not find anything good to post on it. I doubt this one will fly when it comes to google adsense. I almost deleted it but since i put in like 15 mins i decided to let it stay. Think i am gonna redo the template. Sorta wanted to try out .biz and see how it goes. And i guess we just gonna find out won’t we ? Not really a good name all in all and i doubt this will do much. Well aslong i can get the reg fee back i can just keep it but i have my doubts. A realtor site. I got a good feeling about this one. Now we’ll see if that is justified. The ones i made mini sites for last week did pretty good all in all.  No major traffic and this one won’t have major traffic also. But still a good feeling Smilie: :)

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