Domain Parking. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Epik is a parking solution that is supposed tobe better then any other parking solutions. Entry fee 249 USD. With that price tag you expect results and not have your domain de indexed by Google. And that is what happend to many Epik users. Sure enuff Epik is gonna compensate those people with some upgrade and perhaps they get re indexed.. The thing is .. Mass automated parking solutions are dead. Game over, the end etc etc.

Wanna do it right ? You gotta develop it yourself. It’s not that hard. Stuff like wordpress, sitebuilder and god knows what can easilly generate a website for you. How it looks like is irrelevant. What’s on it .. that’s what matters.

Example Witchblade I regged the name coz i thought it sounded cool (yeah just throwout all domaining rules overboard). And since i really had no good plan for it i decided to google witchblade and see what i come up with it. And some real cool things came up. A tv show . A movie is in the works, there is also comics and alot more. I just dumped that info into sitebuilder and didn’t look back at it.

This domain now pulls 350-550 visitors each month. Nothing stellar, nothing major. The thing is i did nothing special and yet each month it keeps getting more and more visitors. This is something you just cannot pull off with automated parking solutions. And if that movie ever gets released … i will make sure there some adverts by then Smilie: ;)

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