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Wannabe a flipper ? And i am not reffering to the old tv show.  No we are talking about domain flipping. Personally i am not into flipping but if you are or you want to know more about it checkout this flipping article (pun intended)

In the article called Saunder caught registering a domain name we can read how to steal a domain name. It’s an old trick but now and then let a domain name expire where they receive email on and that email address is tied to a valuable domain name.. Register the expired domain name and you are in business.. If you are a victim of this  method be sure to fight back.

Sedo gets sued for 10 mil over

The Africa Union Commission Clarification on Dot Africa, still beating behind the bush i guess.

The pros and cons for using a free website template. Somehow i got the impression the author did not look around enough or just got burned on one of them .

Q&A with Demand Media co-founder Shawn Colo. There is going tobe more innovation he says.. … ohhkay….

The ICANN- gTLD Myth: It will hurt big trademark owners. The Mythbusters review ICANN… oh wait.. No Myth and no busters… Still intresting reading.


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