Domain market up or down ?

Yesterday i read an article about how the good domain names where not selling and it made sense (the article). Then again a day later you read an article about Sedo doing extremly fine. And when it comes to geotargetted domain names Sedo is doing kickass. I noticed them selling good domain names last year and they keep getting better and better. And it looks like they can back it up with hard numbers and facts.

Enuff of Sedo here is the article.

The research, which features in Sedo’s latest Annual Domain Market Study, highlights the strength of the online property market at a time when offline property prices decreased by 2.4 per cent in the same period†. The average value of .com domain names grew by 61.9 per cent from £1,260 to £2,040, the average value of .net by 10.2 per cent from £942 to 1,038 and .org by 55.9 per cent from £922 to £1,437.

The dramatic increase in value of domain names has been prompted by major sales over the past year including the sale of .com extensions, such as for $13 million, and leading .org domains like, for $1 million. Location related domain names once again proved popular over the past year, following the sale of and for $510,000 and €65,450 respectively.

The most lucrative country code top level domain (ccTLD) is the French extension .fr, selling for an average price of £4,297, followed by the British extension which offered an average price of £1,291. The most traded ccTLD was .de, which accounted for 46 per cent of country specific domain names sold, followed by (20 per cent) and .eu (14 per cent). The most commonly traded generic top level domain name (gTLD) by far and away remained the .com extension accounting for 75 per cent of all sales, followed by .net (11 per cent) and .org (8 per cent).

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