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Following a announcement in an IMTJ blog of a 370 domain names owned by Jonathan Edelheit, a co-founder and CEO of a US formed Medical Tourism Association (MTA), influenced domain owners have voiced their exasperation during Edelheit’s purported crack of a ICANN discipline and are deliberation movement to recover what they trust is justly theirs.

Dr Uwe Klein, Chairman of a European Medical Travel Conference (EMTC) a prolonged determined eventuality for a medical tourism attention was repelled to find that a opposition discussion organizer had purebred a collection of web domain names that he believes transgress directly on his trade and use marks. Dr Klein has run prior EMTC events underneath a domains emtc2010.com,emtc2011.com, and emtc2012.com. Planning for his destiny events, Dr Klein found that a third celebration had purebred emtc2014.com, his discussion code –  europeanmedicaltravelconference.com – and a fibre of identical names such as europeanmedicaltravelcongress.com. It became apparent that a domain name swindler was Jonathan Edelheit. Alongside a “non-profit” MTA, Edelheit and his partner Renee Stephano are concerned in several for distinction businesses including a discussion business.

ICANN manners are really clear.”By requesting to register a domain name, ……….you hereby paint and aver to us that ………..to your knowledge, a registration of a domain name will not transgress on or differently violate a rights of any third party; ……you are not induction a domain name for an wrong purpose; ……….. It is your shortcoming to establish either your domain name registration infringes or violates someone else’s rights.”

ICANN also defines use of a domain name in “bad faith” where “by regulating a domain name, we have intentionally attempted to attract, for blurb gain, Internet users to your web site or other on-line location, by formulating a odds of difficulty with a complainant’s symbol as to a source, sponsorship, affiliation, or publicity of your web site or plcae or of a product or use on your web site or location.”

Dr Klein has requested a lapse of a offending domain names from Edelheit, saying .

“Your domain registration of emtc2014.com and of europeanmedicaltravelconference.com is a transparent crack of a ICANN rules. If we do not palm behind a names, we will pursue a matter by a domain brawl fortitude process. Let me know how we wish to ensue here.”

A respond was perceived from Lisbeth Stein, Membership Coordinator during a MTA, on interest of Mr Edelheit.

The respond in full;


The inlet of a respond speaks for itself. It also raises questions about a attribute between Edelheit’s discussion business and a MTA. Stein replied as an MTA worker not as an worker of Edelheit’s discussion business.

Two other domains trentaccreditation.com and trentaccreditation.org have also been purebred by Edelheit. These are purported to transgress on a prolonged determined code of a UK’s Trent Accreditation Scheme, a medical accreditation intrigue formed in a UK. (It’s identical in inlet to JCI). Professor Stephen Green commented:

“The QHA Trent accreditation standards for hospitals and clinics enclose a manly territory on uprightness and ethics in promotion and finance. We should be awaiting no reduction of other organisations concerned in a medical and medical tourism businesses including trade associations, doctors, hospitals and businesses. Patients’ gratification should always be put first.”

The registration of a domain names – arabhealht.com and arabheatlh.com –  by Edelheit appears to dispute with a prolonged determined Arab Health, a vital health eventuality in a Middle East run by tellurian discussion organisers, Informa. It’s not a initial time that domain name speculators have attempted to abuse a Arab Health brand. According to Simon Page, Managing Director during Informa:

“We have found that as shortly as anything is successful there are always companies and people that wish to float of a behind of your success, we have had many cases of people not usually regulating really identical named websites though also logos and fonts that are identical to a brands. We have countless cases where people have blatantly used a good will to contend they are a central transport partner or central repository etc that is only totally unfounded. Normally we have a really good attribute with a business and they pass us on information when people are illegally regulating a code or organisation with that brand. When a business find out that they are not strictly related with us it tends to do some-more repairs to that company. We find that a minute from a lawyers is adequate from them ceasing a use, we have copyright a shows and logos around a world, though this can be really expensive.”

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