Discovery Channel gets it and gets themselfs some domain names.

So you got these movie studios and they register lame movie titles like

And you got the discovery channel creating and broad casting tons of shows and they get themselfs fine domain names. ? Yeah that was a real fine one in december. sure not the greatest domain name but a perfect match with the show. same as above. name of the show and actually i like that domain name Smilie: ;) there is science in it ?

So the recent domain names are not the best ones but a perfect match. SEO wise .. smart move.

Domain Name……….
Creation Date…….. 2011-04-18
Registration Date…. 2012-02-01
Expiry Date………. 2013-04-18
Organisation Name…. Discovery Communications, Inc.
Organisation Address. One Discovery Place
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Silver Spring
Organisation Address. 20910
Organisation Address. MD
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

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