Did Facebook buy the domain name worldhack. com ?

Not sure if Facebook did.

DNjournal.com reported last week that worldhack.com was sold through Sedo for 5000 USD.

The registrant is still shows SEDO as the registrant, wich is normal when it comes to sales that go through Sedo and currently the domain name is still with the current domain name Registrar.

What is odd however is the fact the Registrar WHOIS still lists the internettraffic.com nameservers but the Verisign WHOIS records show the following :


facebook engancha
Status: ok
Updated Date: 08-aug-2012

Now it could be a fluke, or someone who has control of the domain name is pulling a silly joke or… Facebook bought the domain name worldhack.com. Hard to tell, since anyone in control can assign name servers even if they are bogus or not.

I guess we’ll just have to see and monitor the domain name to see who the new registrant will be.

Update 17/08/2012. WHOIS has been changed to a new registrant, but the Privacy protect handle is not telling much Smilie: ;)

I got the feeling however that FB is not involved.

New WHOIS out put.

Domain Privacy Group
70 Blanchard Road
Burlington, MA 01803


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22 Responses to Did Facebook buy the domain name worldhack. com ?

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