.DE dropcatching

How to dropcatch a .DE ?

Normally (or in most cases) when you delete a domain the domain enters what we call “redemption”.

When a domain is in “redemption” it keeps that status for 30 days. In those 30 days the registrant/owner has the chance to have the domain restored (costs between 80-100 USD). After those 30 days the domain will get the status pending delete. This lasts 5 days. The domain cannot be restored and after 5 days pending delete the domain is available for registration again. And if the domain name is any good it willbe drop catched by some company with the intention to resell it for more then the base registration price. On the internet you can find tons of webpages that show you the list of the domains that are going tobe dropped.

With a dot DE (.DE) this works different. Coz when you delete a .DE it get’s deleted No redemption period, the domain becomes available right away for registration again. Love it or hate it this is how the German Registry Denic works. This also makes drop catching a .DE like playing the lottery.

At http://www.domainregistry.de/de-domain.html you can watch the deletion of the .DE almost live. Do not refresh the webpage too many times or you will get blocked. So this way you can get your hands on a killer domain name But remember you are prolly not the only one watching this list.
I registered GTSI.DE this way Smilie: ;)

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