Content farms go home.

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Last year i reported about a Google extension that allowed you to block search results. Back then i mentioned that it was likely that Google was going to analyze the results to improve search results.

Today they released that exentsion for Chrome and it works like a charm. Search results and block block block the rubbish you do not need. The info gathered from there will be used to fight the content farms.  So if your pissed off at Demand Media for another rubbish article hit the block button. Installing takes a second and a click. And from then on just block away !

How this is gonna affect the search results is yet to be seen. First of all it’s still experimental. And it is just a matter of time till some smart ass manages to hack it and blacklists the sites from a competitor. More info here. and you can install from here.

So far over 14k users installed it.

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