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2010 St Pete Grand Prix (Friday).

danica patrick

It has been an absolutly boring weekend domain name news wise.

I been moving my domains to the CMP platform and it was having hickups so i did not manage to move all my domains.. more like 5 domains or so.

So i watched this movie capt. america .. man an insult to my backside for sure.. Started off real well though but during the middle it was more of a collection of action scenes pasted together real bad.

Anyways what did i cookup during the weekend ?

.AC registrations – DOT AC registrations. Wanna register .AC ? here’s the info!



Gone fishing. for sale. Hey it’s a cool domain. Wanna buy ?

Apple Acquires 16 typo domains of Domain Name the importance of securing typo domains. The guy in charge back in 2004 shoulda been sacked. Though i heard this story that Steve Jobs entered an elevator asked the guy beside him what he was doing at Apple.. Couldn’t explain it fast enough till the top floor and was fired.. The guy in the elevator not Steve. 

Domain name for sale : You’re  fighter never give up !

Domaining and the EV future. People with long term vision. 

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Joins NASCAR Sponsorship Danica Patrick woot .. oh wait boring old .org


If you want to comment on gTLD’s don’t post…..  So yeah i got fed up with the usual comments. 

Today’s domain special : for sale. Sandwiches ! me hungry !


The .fr TLD turns 25, Afnic is growing old Smilie: ;)  when they are going to outgrow those retarted restrictions ?

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