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Joanne - RN at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre

Totally not domain name related.

For sale ! Yeah let’s start a post with something that is for sale ! Developed on the CMP platform and it looks damn orange. Well that’s coz appelsien means orange Smilie: ;) And oranges are healthy and good for your skin and contain tons of vitamins.. Not really sure if they are good for your skin but i assume the vitamins will do the trick Smilie: ;)

What else do we have news wise / article wise ?

How to register a .AD domain name ! Well actually not, read how i failed. But the info is there on how todo it. Cept i do not have those bloody trademarks.

DNS BE is starting a promotion for DOT BE.¬†They are cheap to register so go go go. It will make my .BE’s more valuable Smilie: :D Hey atleast i am being honest. But serious, i got faith in this ccTLD.

10 Tools to check if your social media efforts got you anywhere.

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