BRS Media requesting for for .RADIO gTLD.

Let’s wish a cost for a DOT Radio willbe cheaper afterwards a .AM and .FM ones. The high cost for this ccTLD indeed puts me off register one, even yet tons of good names are still accessible there.

BRS Media pioneered Industry Specific Domains, rising ‘multimedia’ formed TLDs .FM & .AM over 15 years ago, and has

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack (Photo credit: Leonardo Rizzi)

increasingly captivated premier amicable media ventures, streaming entrepreneurs and normal broadcasters. As a initial domain registry to deliver a top-level domain to a targeted Industry, a association is good positioned and understands how to manage, work and market, a new Top-Level-Domain name for a different On Air and Online Radio community.

“We demeanour brazen to relocating forward into a subsequent proviso of .RADIO. We are overjoyed and anxious to have a event to settle a new Top-Level-Domain, and prognosticate good possibilities in creativity and creation in a .RADIO namespace,” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. “Our abyss of knowledge and bargain in a marketplace demonstrates a joining to discharge a .RADIO top-level domain in a professional, reliable, secure and extensive way, while during a same time enlivening creation and honesty in a .RADIO domain space. Our stream registrant list includes some of a many tangible and innovative brands in streaming media and amicable party today. Our extensive portfolio of customers represents both a on-air and online media community.”

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