Another layout change

I keep fiddling with these layouts. The previous one was not to bad but on my 17″ monitor some stuff was just hard to read. And it had issues with the buttons. Other sites did not have that issue but this one had.

Also it was hard to paste and copy the headlines. Now that is in some cases handy but i like to copy the headline and paste it in google and see how well or how bad my post did in google.  So far 50/50. It’s either on the first page of google or it burried somewhere on page 44. Not that i can confirm it is on page 44 since i usually quit after 5 pages of results.

Google adsense. Well so far after a week it made more then then 7 months of parking at either sedo or namedrive.  Not that i am close to order a brand new ferrari (far from it) but i am rather pleased with the revenue made so far.

Still this layout needs some tweaking but that should get done today. Not happy with how the tags are being displayed. Those tags act in a rather weird way imo. When i do my google/website checkup it is odd to see how those tags are ranked in google and the ammount of traffic you get from their seeing it as the entry point to goto this page.

Totally not related to domaining, but cool. Duke nukem is gonna be released this year ! After 13 years of development !

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