And a few more mini sites.

Though it looks like the English written mini sites are pretty much dead for google and do not rank well the ones i created in dutch preform very well.

So will rank shitty. But i am glad i am finally done with this one. It been haunting me for almost a year now and earlier this week i finally finished the bugger. bleh. And it still blows goats but i am not gonna look at it again… I will see how much revenue it brings in and if it is enough for the renewal i will renew it. Ofcourse positive thinking is required also with this one and people getting more and more FAT each day certainly helps.

Not developed but registered now that is an old fashioned dutch first name from the last century.

Developed, well developed….. big word ofcourse. ¬†Never the less i finished . It’s related to wind/storms. Single word dutch domain name.

And i managed to register my first Typo domain name. It should mean company clothing. Except …it is missing a letter (F) and it useless. I was sick when i was at work (yes i do goto work even if i feel sick) and i thought i had registered a real nice one. Cept till i tried to google it i saw my error. Oh well it happens and lucky enough these .NL domain names only cost 0.92 cent each 3 months. So i will delete it over 3 months but i was rather miffed. After this little stunt i deciced not to check any domain names for that day. Still got a cold at the moment but doing better then monday FYI.

.XXX is shifting into gear. We met all the ICM criteria so we good to go with those guys. I got the latest launch info. Landrush prices are a high but the even after the landrush the price are still high in my opinion. The sunrise prices are not to bad though. No details exactly how the landrush will go, early september is the only thing that is sorta set in stone for now.

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2 Responses to And a few more mini sites.

  1. Do these .xxx domain name will be worth to keep for normal bloggers. Don’t know crappy blissful idea of .xxx domain names.

  2. I doubt for bloggers it willbe intresting. The renewal fee willbe high so there is a big chance that at renewal tine alot of people will drop it.
    However compared to .CO there is a demand from the non domaining public for .XXX. If i compare the current real demand for .XXX to .CO it is waaaay higher.

    I also noticed alot of companies wanting to secure the .XXX to make sure it is never used for porn.

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