25 things to keep in mind when buying a domain name.


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There are a few tips i do not agree with or have additional info about them.

4. Never Let Someone Else Purchase Your Domain
Very true. You see this happen all the time and i wrote about this a few weeks ago. The time you have to invest to get your domain name back can be beyond your imagination. There are alot of ways to prevent domain theft. And those security features are the ones you have to overcome when you try to get your domain name back .. With some ccTLD’s it is just mission impossible…

6. Avoid Hyphenated Domains
This is correct. But do not be surprised that when you see some real good domain sales in Germany that sometimes have like 2 hyphens in a domain name.

12. Stay Away From “Premium” Domains
I don’t see why you should ? If you got deep pockets and the plan was to spend cash on advertising and marketing why not get a good domain name to go ?

20. Check For Domain Abuse
In the article is mentioned to use the Wayback machine to check on domains. I personally use the Wayback machine also but since you sometimes do not get the results or no results also check with domain tools and google Smilie: ;) If the domain name has been used for spamming you are very likely to find this info thru google since those domain names are usually listed on spamhaus.org etc etc

21. Choosing a Reliable Domain Registrar
Ofcourse i agree. You want to play it safe make sure the place you order thru is ICANN acreditted. However even if you buy thru a reseller from a Registrar there is no problem if the Registrar goes bankrupt.
Incase this happens the domains willbe placed at another Registrar.
And if you made sure that your WHOIS info is correct and you can back it up with a drivers license or passport, your good to go. No problem what so ever.

If you own several domain names you might to check out reseller options that most Registrars offer. This will put you in control of your domain names and you can just point to the hosting company where your website is located. Problems with the hoster ? No problem just point it to a new hoster (course make backups).

22. Use Automatic Renewals
Yes, yes and yes ! And even if you didn’t and your domain name has enterered the redemption stage. Do pay the fee to get the domain name restored. It’s going to cost ya. But if it is a good domain name or it gets traffic then there is no way in hell you gonna be able to register the domain name after it has been deleted.

It is more likely that you will discover that the Registrar did the following things.
1 They renewed it for another year.
2 They took ownership of the domain name.
3 They put it on some domain name auction and the starting bid is 500 USD.

Check out the rest of the tips, a good read indeed ! Smilie: :D

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